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Underwater Party Ideas!

If you little one loves all things ocean, throw him or her an underwater celebration with our Underwater Party Ideas! From decorations to games we have all the bases covered so your party goes swimmingly!

Swimming Supplies

Cover the ceiling, walls and floor with blue transparent cellophane wrap to give the impression of being underwater. Hang plastic toy fish from the ceiling using clear fishing line. Fill the party area with bunches of blue and green balloons! Cover the tables with blue tablecloths and decorate them with sand, faux pearls and seashells. Cut out giant fish shapes and starfish shapes out of construction paper to hang on the walls of the party area.

Use cookie cutters to cut fish shapes out of peanut butter sandwiches, cheese slices, and deli meat slices. Make octopus treats! Cut red licorice strings into 2" sections and attach 8 sections to a red gumball with a little red frosting. Draw on two eyes with black decorator icing. Cook seashell-shaped pasta and spinach linguini and serve chilled with a little butter. Call it "Seaweed & Shells Pasta".
Make "Sea Water" by coloring pitchers of apple juice with blue food coloring.

Underwater Money box


Party Packs!

JorSam’s Underwater Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is fantastic for your Cowboy party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Watery Fun

Whale Talk: This is one of those birthday games for kids that everyone sits in a circle. Come up with a fun sentence and whisper it to the first kid. He has to whisper it to the kid sitting beside him, but in Whale Talk. You can imagine how distorted the sentence will be once it reaches the last kid who says it out loud to everyone's enjoyment. Another great idea is to designate five minutes of Whale Talk only where the kids can only speak in Whale Talk. You can also take any of the other games and just do them in Whale Talk. This is loads of laughs - just like in the Finding Nemo movie!

Watery games: Anything wet could be good if the weather is right and parents aren't fussed. Water bombing is a fun water game, with supervision. If it's really hot, ask the kids to come in their swim gear and use sprinklers, hoses etc. as part of the entertainment.

Nemo Treasure Hunt: Take photos of a Nemo toy in various places in the garden. The children have to look at the photos and find the Nemo toys hidden in each one. The finder gets to keep the Nemo toy. Use chocolate fish or ordinary fish toys if preferred.

Fishing: Make fish shapes out of cardboard and place a paper clip "nose" on each fish. Make fishing rods from bamboo sticks with string attached and a small magnet or hook at the end (whichever works best for you) and have the kids fish for a catch. Make sure to include other items, such as an old boot, a tin can etc. The winner is the one with the most fish.

Deep Sea Relay: This activity can be hysterical!! (Tip - you should do this race outside because it gets a little wet…). What you'll need is two sets of over-sized flippers, goggles and Beach Pails filled-to-the-top with water. You then divide the kids into two teams, and have the first in line (of each team) put on the flippers and goggles. Each person must run to a designated line with the water-filled bucket and then runs the same course back again giving the next team member the goggles, flippers and water-filled beach pails. (You can offer two prizes for this game. One for the winning team and one for the team with the most water left in the bucket.)

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