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Teddy Bear’s Picnic Party Ideas

Teddy Bear picnic

Today is the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic! Who doesn’t love teddy bears? This is a perfect gender-neutral party idea. Ask your guests to bring their favourite Teddy Bear to the party so they can play games and make arts and crafts with their favourite stuffed friend. Below you will find ideas for Teddy Bear Picnic decorations, food, games and crafts.

Grizzly Supplies

More than likely, your Teddy Bear Picnic will be outside but be prepared to decorate indoors in case of inclement weather. Here are some decoration ideas that will work both indoors and outdoors: Gather all the teddy bears you can find and spread them around the room or picnic area. If you have an extra large teddy bear, you can have the children sit in its lap and take pictures. You can also tie balloons to the paws of the bears. Use large picnic baskets as centrepieces and fill them with snack pouches, juice boxes or baked goods. You can also tie balloons to the handles of the picnic baskets. Set up a photo station where the children can pose with their teddy bears. Mail the photos to your guests along with their thank you cards.

Decorate a white picnic table made from wooden pallets with tree place mats and cake stand. You can have a dessert table decorated with bear inspired goodies. The drink table can include Beary Pink Lemonade and Old-Fashioned Root Bear. Mason jars served dolled up with some lace and fun striped paper straws served as glasses and root beer bottles got a makeover with added doilies and twine.



Party Packs!

JorSam’s Teddy Bears Picnic Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is fantastic for your Teddy Bears Picnic party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!


Teddy Fun

Create a birth certificate for each bear guest. When the guests arrive with their bears, decorate birth certificates. Print a certificate for each bear and have rulers and the kitchen scales at the ready to record the bears vital statistics on the birth certificate. Have lots of stickers, pencils, scissors, glitter and glue ready to help make each certificate look beautiful.

Pass the parcel: This is a ‘teddy party’ version of the traditional party game we all know and love. Wrap the teddy bear or animal skin in a pass the parcel so the children “win” the teddy they are going to stuff. You could have a couple of circles going at the same time to cut down the time if necessary. If you think this is too much wrapping then you could have a “voucher” in each layer so when the music stops the child gets a voucher for a particular skin.

Bear Hug Tag: Bear Hug Tag is best played outdoors. Have your guests spread out in a large playing area. Make sure to designate the areas that are out of bounds. Choose one child to be the first tagger, or "It." When you say "go," the person who is It should try to tag other children. If a child is tagged they must freeze in place. Another child can unfreeze a player by giving them a big bear hug! Eventually, only one child will be left who isn't frozen. That child is the winner and gets to be the tagger in the next round.

Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Page: Give each child a copy of a Teddy Bear Picnic Colouring Page and an assortment of decorations, such as markers, crayons, glitter glue, and stickers. After the children finish decorating their pages, have them write their names on their creations. Then, help the children hang their pages on the wall, or let them trade pages with their friends.

Musical Bears: Place all but one teddy bear on the floor in a pile. The bear that isn't in the pile is the prize for the first child who is out. Have the children stand in a circle around the pile of teddy bears. Start the music and have the children walk around the circle. When you pause the music, all the children should try to grab a teddy bear. In each round, one child will not be able to grab a teddy bear. That child is out, but gets to keep the teddy bear that was removed before the round began. After each round, remove one teddy bear from the pile. Continue playing and pausing the music, and removing a bear until everyone has won a small teddy bear. The last child left wins a big teddy bear!


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net