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Superhero Party Ideas

Looking for a birthday party theme that will let young imaginations soar? You can't go wrong if you plan a superhero-centered fete. This theme's a sure-fire winner because it appeals to both boys and girls, and a range of ages. After all, superheroes exhibit unique skills, wear colorful costumes and save the world with great regularity. It's the perfect triad for a birthday party that's easy to plan and even easier for your guests to remember in the months that follow. And, unlike tamer themes, a superhero birthday party lends itself to action-packed games and other activities!

The Coolest Undercover Cave!

As for the party's location, your options are flexible. If you have the room (and the inclination), you can host it in your home. If not, it's a relatively simple matter to transform a rented party room into a superhero cave. A day or two before the party, spray paint some cardboard and cut it into caption bubbles (the kind drawn near cartoon characters' mouths) and write a few iconic superhero sayings on them. "Pow" and "Zap" are timeless choices.

Dress the birthday party table in a colorful tablecloth that suits a superhero theme, such as Wonder Woman-red or Green Lantern-green, then use comic book pages as placemats. Round out the look with helium balloons tied throughout the room. Of course, superheroes are sure to be hungrier than most, so it's best to have plenty of food on hand.

Invitations and Party Packs!

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JorSam’s Superhero Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is supertastic for your hero party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Zip! Zap! Pow!

Kryptonite Relay Race: To make this game simple for little ones we divided kids and parents into two teams and had them pass pieces of Kryptonite (tin foil balls spray painted green) from one container into two separate team containers (why not use our Superhero Set Design Money Boxes!) at the end of each line. Even those under two could participate, and parents playing the game could keep the game moving if it stalled (which inevitably happened). The team with the most Kryptonite “won.”

Superhero Emblem Relay: Draw and cut out four Superhero emblems from posterboard (such as Superman diamonds). The emblems should be around 12"-15" in diameter. To start playing this cool kid party game, divide the kids into two teams and establish a start and finish line. Give the first player of each team two emblems. The first kid in line needs to place an emblem in front of them and step on it. Then, they need to place the second emblem in front of the first and step from the first to the second, and like this, they continue around a designated point and return to their team so that they are only stepping on emblems. The next player in line must do the same, until each player on the team has had a turn. The team to finish first wins!

Superhero Obstacle Course: For this kid party game, get your Superhero guests to save the world by going through an action hero obstacle course. Set up an obstacle course around your yard or inside your home using cardboard boxes, garbage cans, old tires, bicycles, ropes, sports equipment, logs, trampolines, basketball and hula hoops, chairs, pillows or anything you can find to create a challenging course. You can have challenges like ball throwing, long jump, balance beam walking, climbing, crawling through a tube, running faster than a speeding bullet, bouncing a super ball very high, jumping off a chair, leaping over tall buildings (sofas), etc. When the kids complete the course, have a prize ready and even a certificate saying that they have successfully completed Superhero training at one of the coolest Superhero kid birthday parties.

X-ray Vision Game: Put all kinds of items in a box and let the kids (who have something covering their eyes) identify them without sight, only touch or smell. This can get very funny when you put all kinds of silly things in the box, for instance if you put half of a tomato and you stick one of the kid's fingers in it. Be creative, this can be one of the most hilarious kid party game ideas during your party!

Villain Tie-up: For this kid party game, form two groups of kids. Bring in two evil villains (two grownups dressed up as villains) and have the kids catch the villains, sit them in a chair and "tie" them up with toilet paper (don't forget to take pictures!)

Pin the Superhero on the… There are lots of creative variations you can come up with for this kid party game. For instance, pin the "S" on Superman, pin Spiderman on the Web, pin the bat on Joker, etc.

Superheroes and Villians: Form two groups - Superheroes and Villians. Give the Superheroes cans of silly string spray and send them after the villains. Then switch so everyone has a chance to be the Superheroes.

Transforming Routine: Have and old suit, hat, and tie and form two teams. Then have each member dress and undress themselves the fastest while blindfolded. The team that wins is the one that each team member has finished dressing and undressing.

Kryptonite Toss: Take many buckets and cover them in tinfoil as if they were planets. The "kryptonite" are ping pong balls painted bright green. Have the kids throw the "kryptonite" into the "planets" and see how many they can throw in, every time throwing from a tougher distance.

Building Gotham City Hall: Hand out Superhero cards, give the kids 2-3 minutes and have them build a card tower (Gotham City Hall). The three tallest building-builders move on to the final round.

Joker Hunt: Here's a fun kid party game idea for your Batman birthday party. Towards the end, tell the kids that the Joker has stolen their Superhero Set Design Money Boxes and that they have to find them. Find old Joker playing cards to write the clues on and let the kids find the Superhero Set Design Money Boxes that you have hidden.

Web Hunt: Here's a fun kid party game idea for a Spiderman party. Cut pieces of yarn (about 20-40 ft. long) and attach one end to a Superhero Set Design Money Box. Designate a Web area or room and hide the Superhero Set Design Money Boxes in drawers, cupboards, under chairs, etc. Slowly stretch each piece of yarn around the room, wrapping it around furniture and intertwining it with other pieces until you have used all the pieces. This will create a massive web!!! Then, attach the name of a guest to the end of each piece of yarn and when the kids find their names they may begin to unravel the spider web and hunt for their prize. (Make sure to prepare extra Superhero Set Design Money Boxes so that no guests are left empty handed).

Supertastic Ideas

Zap into these Super ideas for your Hero Party!