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Smurf Party Ideas!

Celebrate your child's birthday with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Hefty, Clumsy and all the rest of the Smurf gang this year. Below we provide smurftastic ideas for invitations, decorations, food, favors and games!

You're Invited! 

Invite your guests to Smurf Village for a smurftastic time! If you have the time, consider making your own invitations with your child. Here are some smurfy ideas to get you thinking blue!

Cut the shape of a mushroom out of red construction paper. Add white circles to the top of the mushroom and then draw a small door on the stem. Write "you're invited" on the front and "to a smurftastic party" on the inside along with your party details.

Paint your child's hand blue and have them carefully transfer a hand print to the front of each card. Write "don't be blue" on the front and "(Child's Name) is having a Smurf Party" on the inside with your party details. If you have a Smurf costume, dress up your child and take a photo for the front of the card.

Sticker Party Packs

JorSam’s D.I.Y. Smurf Licensed Sticker Money Box Pack from JorSam is an arts and crafts activity for children to do at parties, a fun gift for kids to keep and a useful party pack. The stickers sheets can be used to decorate your money box. Each money box is 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The plastic lids have money slot and are removable. You can choose from 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink.

Smurf Village

Decorate the room with a Smurf-theme. There are Smurf plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers and centerpieces available online or in stores to decorate your table. A few licensed items will go a long way if you match it with a blue and white color scheme. For example, solid blue plates, balloons and streamers with a simple white tablecloth gives you a good base to build on with licensed Smurf items. You can adorn the walls with construction paper cutouts from the Smurf village. Make some daisy flowers, mushroom houses, birds, butterflies, grass, clouds and a great big rainbow. Place silk plants aroundand hide Smurf figurines in the plants. Don't forget to put out all your Smurf themed toys as the work great as centerpieces and helium balloon weightsor! 

Smurfalicious Games

Smurfs Apple Stacking: Smurfs are known to be Three Apples High so to play off of this play a little game of Apple Stacking. Have 3 Apples – Red Delicious work great for this. Have each guest take turns trying to stack those 3 Apples one on top of each other in a minutes time. Not as easy as it sounds. If their stack stands for 10 seconds they got it !! You can keep playing over and over with the winners until you end up with one winner in the end.

Papa Smurf Says: Choose one of the guests to be Papa Smurf or have a parent do it. Play just as you would Simon Says, but in this case it is “Papa Smurf Says”.

Smurfberry Picking: Take out those Plastic Easter Eggs, but just the Blue & Red Ones to resemble Smurfberries and use those to hide around the yard. You add fun prizes inside of them like Smurf Stickers, Candies or other trinkets. Kick it up a notch and give each guest a small basket like the Smurfs carry and have them sing the theme song” La la la la la la la la la ” as they run around looking for Smurfberries.

Pop A Smurf: Blow up a bunch of Blue Balloons prior to the party – enough for each party guest. Inside the balloons place the names of different Smurfs on folded up pieces of paper. The guests then have to Pop their balloons one at a time by sitting on them and then look at the paper inside without showing anyone else. Then they must act out which Smurf they are and see if the guests can guess. Award prizes for the best Actors. This will be very funny to watch !!

Gutsy’s Smurfberry Target Practice: Gutsy Smurf in the movie has to get the Stargazer from the Toy Store to help them get home and he used a Slingshot and Smurberries to help him. So to play off of that you can set up some fun targets using a Toy Slingshot and some Balls (Smurfberries) and see if the guests can knock them down. You can use Empty Water Bottles or Soda Cans lined up etc…

Papa Smurf”s Potion: Break your party guests up into two teams. Have 2 Big Bowls set up on a table with Big Mixing Spoons in them. Hide a bunch of silly items in your yard or home in pairs, but not hidden in the same place – make sure included in those items is a bottle of water and some Blue Food Coloring. Give each team a list of items they have to locate and bring back. Once they have gathered all the items needed for the potion they must race back and add them to the bowl, pour in the water, add a few drops of Blue Food Coloring and Mix it all up. First team to have all there items back and potion Mixed Wins !!

Smurfette’s Dress Up Race: For this game you can use Smurfs Costumes or just some fun clothing you have in your own closets (the Funnier and Bigger in size the better). Have the same amount of items that can make up two piles. Break up the guests into two teams. Place all the clothing on the ground in front of each team and set up an area across the way they must race to – maybe a cone of obstacle they must go around while all dressed up. On “Go” the first person must put on all the clothing in the pile and they race around the obstacle and back again. They must then take off all the clothing and tag the next person in line who must then do the same. First team to have everyone race is the Winner !!