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Mickey & Minnie Party Ideas!

Does your little one love to sing and play along with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and the rest of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? No one throws a better shindig than Mickey and his friends! Well, make him or her feel like a real Mouseketeer by throwing a party with these party ideas straight from Mickey himself! 

You're Invited! 

Let the race to your child's birthday begin with creative Disney Cars invitations. If you have time, consider one of the following suggestions:

Fold a piece of red construction paper in half and cut out a car shape. Write "Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! [Child's name] is turning [child's age]!" Cut out circles from black construction paper for the wheels. Attach the wheels to the card with brass fasteners so they spin. Then, add all of the party details inside. Place each invitation in a card envelope or a small manila envelope and seal the envelopes with Disney Cars stickers.

Include a Disney Cars character or a small racing flag with your invitation to hand-deliver to your guests.

Sticker Party Packs

JorSam’s D.I.Y. Mickey & Minnie Licensed Sticker Money Box Pack from JorSam is an arts and crafts activity for children to do at parties, a fun gift for kids to keep and a useful party pack. The stickers sheets can be used to decorate your money box. Each money box is 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The plastic lids have money slot and are removable. You can choose from 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink.

Its the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

If weather permits, host your Mickey's Clubhouse party outdoors, in the backyard. This will provide ample space for children to play. Otherwise, create an open indoor space where children will have plenty of room to roam. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, has already selected your color scheme, using primary colors of red blue and yellow. In addition to streamers and balloons add, paper cut-outs of numbers, colored shapes and possibly some Mickey Mouse and /friends posters.

Cover your table with matching tableware and place a Mickey stuffed toy holding balloons as your centerpiece.

For extra Mickey fun, prepare a Mickey's clubhouse of your own with one or two large appliance boxes. Cut some holes for doors and windows. Provide bright colored balls and Mickey and friends stuffed toys. This will make a playful addition that the children enjoy throughout the party.

Fun Time!

When entertaining young children, you'll want to provide un-structured activities. Our favorites are "the 3 B's"...balls, bubbles and boxes (large appliance boxes). As you know, these activities will entertain children for an extended period of time. Add some Mickey and friends stuffed toys and simply supervise the play time.

I Spot... : Play Mickey's favorite game using shapes, numbers and colors. Before the party, make several large, colored paper shapes or numbers. Then, make sure you have a duplicate of each shape you cut. Place the shapes around the party area. When it's time to play, hold up a shape -- a purple flower for instance -- and say "I spot a purple flower...do you?" the kids will run to the image that matches the one you are holding. You can play this several times, even repeating the same image. The children will love it! Tip: for more challenging play, add shapes with stripes, dots etc.

Follow Pluto: If the children are old enough, play "Follow Pluto". This is played just like Follow the Leader, only the leader will wear a pair of Pluto dog ears you can male with felt or construction paper.

Mickey's Clubhouse Scavenger Hunt: Hide objects around the party area that correspond with Mickey Mouse and his friends. For example: Mickey Mouse's Ears, Minnie Mouse's Bow, Donald Duck's Duckbill, Goofy's Floppy Ears, etc. Tell your guests that they have to find as many things hidden around the house that they think relates to Mickey's Clubhouse. See what they bring back that you hid - and didn't! Whomever finds the most relevant objects wins!

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