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Forest Friends Party Ideas!

Gather all the elephants, leopards, and giraffes in the neighbourhood and throw your child a grrrrr-eat birthday party with our Forest Friends Party Ideas! We have provided some party planning tips as well as decorating suggestions, food and games.

Wild Supplies

Give your house a forest feel by placing large potted palms or other plants in the party area. Hang animal prints or mosquito netting from the ceiling. Cluster a few coconuts, a bunch or two of bananas, a safari hat, and binoculars in the middle of the food table to create a centerpiece. Add to the forest fever at your party with animal-print balloons, colourful paper lanterns.

Forest friends Party

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Decorate with stuffed jungle animals or other types of wild animal figures. Or, set up a stuffed animal petting zoo. Play animal sounds for background music or show an animal-based movie (such as episodes of Animal Planet) on mute on the TV.

Serve animal crackers or animal-shaped cookies in safari hats lined with paper towels. Make an easy trail mix that includes raisins, nuts and M&Ms. Use jungle animal-shaped cookie cutters to cut fun shapes from cheese and lunchmeat and serve them with crackers. Serve beverages in canteens or animal-print party cups and give each guest a jungle-themed silly straw. Set out small bowls and fill each with a different gummy insect.

Forest Friends Money box

Party Packs!

JorSam’s Forest Friends Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is fantastic for your Cowboy party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Going on Safari

Forest Charades: A great mixer for new arrivals, this game gets even the bashful hissing and howling. Before the party, sort through old magazines with your child, cutting out pictures of animals and pasting them on index cards. At the party, each child gets a turn to pick a card. She must then act out her creature (no words are allowed, but animal noises are encouraged) until the others shout out her identity. When the animal is guessed, the rest of the party goers get to jump up and act out the same animal together.

Elephant Tug of War: Divide the children into two equal teams. To start, each team picks one representative to be their "Elephant." The two chosen "Elephants" then stand on either side of a line. (You can either tape or draw a line on the ground, or just use a doorway.) The two players hold hands and try to pull each other across the line/through the doorway as their teammates cheer them on from either side. Make sure to play several rounds so that everyone gets a chance to be an "Elephant." If playing competitively, keep a tally of the number of times each side's "Elephants" pull their opponents over the line, then award a prize to the team with the most points at the end of the game.

Catch The Lion By The Tail: Like most winning games, this twist on duck, duck, goose combines suspense, action, and make-believe. Kids sit in a circle on the floor. One partygoer, the lion, tucks a homemade tail (a yellow piece of fabric with a knot in one end) into his waistband and begins circling, touching each child on the head and saying "Lion." When he decides he wants some action, he touches a player on the head and shouts "Hyena!" The lion then must dash around the circle and take the hyena's spot before the hyena can grab the lion's tail. If his tail is snatched, he remains the lion; if not, the crafty hyena becomes the new king of the jungle.

The Great Peanut Hunt:Like an Easter egg hunt, this simple contest indulges kids' love of discovering surprises. Before the guests arrive, hide unshelled peanuts around the yard or house. At the party, explain to the kids that they, as elephants, must go out in search of a tasty meal. Give each child a plastic sand pail, then send your trumpeting herd out to forage. Offer a small prize for the partygoer who harvests the biggest crop.

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