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Farm Animal Party Ideas!

If you've got a barnyard aficionado in your brood, throw this old-fashioned hoedown, which offers a mix of dress-up, games and, most of all, the chance to play make-believe.

Down-on-the-Farm Decor

Host this party outdoors so you won't be picking hay out of the rug for the next year.  Bright colors are in order here. Hang vibrant streamers and balloons, and place animal puppets and stuffed animals where they can be seen and played with. Spread a checked tablecloth on a picnic table and scatter the area with hay.  Cover your table and set with Barnyard Animal plates, napkins and cups.  Build a big red barn out of a large rectangular box.  To make the barn, use scissors to round the front and back flaps on the top of the box (this will form the barn's rounded roof). Fold the smaller side flaps in toward the middle to work as supports. Next, cut out barn doors with an X-Acto knife (parents only). Decorate the barn with red tempera paint and add trim with white tape. Now raise the roof by taping together a few sheets of white poster board (end to end), lightly creasing them to round the roof, and taping them atop the barn.

Invitations and Party Packs!

Take advantage of JorSam’s “inviting” deal! Purchase a minimum of 16 money boxes and receive free personalized invitations!!

JorSam’s Set Design Farm Animals Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! Perfect for your pirate party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Farm Fun

A Special Welcome: Upon arrival give each guest a Blank Money Box! Use fabric paints to write the names. Decorating is a breeze if you use pre cut stencils or painting sponges from a craft store; ducks, pigs cows, etc.Use kid safe face paint to paint noses and whiskers on the children's faces!

Put on a Show: Ask some creative friends to coordinate a puppet show using farm animal puppets.

Parachute Play: Use a large bed sheet or purchase a GYMBOREE style playground parachute. Gather the children and some adults to form a circle around the parachute. Hold the edges and work together to move it up and down. Once the children get the hang of it, allow a few children at a time, to go under the "dome". Then put a stuffed cow, duck, horse...in the center and make then hop and jump as well.

Oh No! Old Macdonald: Before the party hide several farm animal toys or cards in Set Design Farm Animals Money Boxes around the party area, yard etc. Paint or decorate a box to look like a barn or simply use a basket. To play, explain to the children that old MacDonald's animals got out of the barn. They will then search and collect the toys/cards and return them to the barn.

Duck, Duck Goose: All the players should sit in a circle, facing the center. Choose one player as the "Fox" and the rest of the players are the "Ducks." The "Fox" stands and walks around the outside of the circle tapping each "Duck" the head while saying, "Duck" with each tap. When the "Fox" says, "Goose!" while tapping a player on the head, that player should stand and chase the "Fox" around the circle. The "Goose" shoud try to tag the "Fox" before he can get to the spot where the "Goose" was just sitting. If the "Fox" succeeds in sitting the "Goose's" seat before being tagged, then he is safe, and the "Goose" becomes the new "Fox." However, if the "Fox" is tagged, he continues to remain the "Fox" for another round.

Fill the Barn: Use the same barn box you used in Oh No! Old Macdonald. Mark and "X" on the floor where the children will stand. Place the "barn" a reasonable distance from the "X" and provide beanie animals for the children to toss into the barn while standing on the "X".

Bubble Fun: Little ones love bubbles! Toddlers can blow their own bubbles with spill proof bubble bottles and wands. Otherwise, adults can blow the bubbles and the children can catch them. Play music for this activity as well.

Circle Time: If you are not comfortable leading a story, songs and finger plays. Hire a preschool teacher or Kindermusik teacher for a special circle time to honor the birthday child. Sit with several stuffed animals on your lap. Sing Old Macdonald Had a Farm with children. When it's time say the animal, hold up an animal and the children sing/shout it.


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