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Circus Party Ideas!circus

Is your little one a fan of circuses? While the real circus comes to town rarely, you can recreate the fun of a day under the big top for your child and his friends. We offer suggestions for everything from circus decorations to carnival party games.

fantastical Supplies

Use a couple yards of red and white striped fabric to make a festive table covering that recalls the stripes of a circus tent. Bunches of red balloons are an absolute must, and guests can each take one home at the end of the party. Decorate the party tables with red, blue and yellow table covers topped with centerpieces made from clusters of your child's stuffed animals. You could also make centerpieces using tall popcorn boxes with balloons and streamers coming out of the center of each box. Make easy circus posters using pages from any circus coloring book. Just enlarge the pages at an office supply store, and then colour them yourself with craft paint or watercolor crayons, which cover large areas easily. Circus, carnival, or other peppy music will add to the atmosphere. Check the Internet, a local book or music store, or a library for CDs or tapes with appropriate songs like "Elephant's March."

Offer food the kids might find at the circus, such as corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, pretzels, peanuts in the shell, lemonade and Coke. Make a poster for the food area that says "Concession Stand", and include pictures of the snacks you'll be serving. If desired, you can give the kids a few tickets that they can use to "buy" party food. For added fun, ask an older sibling or neighbor to dress as a clown and hand out the snacks.

circus money box

Party Packs!

JorSam’s Circus Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is fantastic for your Cowboy party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Clowning Around Fun

Lion Tamer Game:
What You'll Need:
A large hula hoop or a pole and a top hat (optional for the lion tamer)

At the Party:
One player is selected to be the "lion tamer." The other players are the "lions." To start, the lion tamer holds the hula hoop at ground level while each of the lions steps through it. During the next round, the lion tamer raises the hoop slightly, and the lions must climb through it again. Play continues in this way until one or more of the lions cannot make it through the hoop. The last lion in the game becomes the new lion tamer, and the game starts over again. Play as many rounds as desired.

Walking the Tightrope:
What You'll Need
: A 2 x 4 piece of wood, an umbrella and a book

At the Party: Lay the 2 x 4 on the floor or grass. You can play by elimination or simply by letting the children take turns. Either way, the children must try to walk across the 2 x 4 without stepping on the ground. On the first trip across, the children should walk while holding an umbrella. On the second trip, they should walk while balancing a book on their heads. On the third trip, they must hold the umbrella AND the book. All masters of the high-wire win a prize! (If playing non-competitively, award a small prize to every child.)

Bean Bag Toss: Like any circus, this game will be a hit for kids and adults alike (and without the sneaky tricks that stop you from winning). Award points – or tickets – to certain holes, and your kids will definitely race to win.

Photo Booth: This will be the biggest attraction of the entire day — your very own photo booth! Set up a corner (or find a huge cardboard box) and decorate the walls using your party’s color theme. Provided your guests with props like moustaches, hats, clown wigs and noses.

circus banner