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Tinkerbell and Fairy friends Party Ideastinkerbell

With her good-hearted nature and devotion, how can anyone resist Tinker Bell? If your little one is a fan, throw her a magical party with our Tinker Bell and Fairy friends Party Ideas. Take our suggestions for everything from decorations to games this will help you create a magical birthday party full of whimsy and surprises beyond your little girl's imagination!

Pixie dust Supplies

Cut large flower shapes out of different colours of paper or felt and hang them on the walls of the party area. Make flower balloons by attaching four colored balloons around a yellow balloon. Hang these from the ceiling of the party area. Make tissue paper flowers to set out on windowsills. Print out screen shots of Tinker Bell movie scenes. You can either blow them up and hang them as posters in the party area, or you can attach the printouts to a long piece of ribbon and hang it as a banner. Sprinkle "pixie dust" (glitter) on all flat surfaces, such as tables and windowsills.

With a little creativity, you can also serve snacks that fit your Tinker Bell theme. This can be a lot of fun for both you and your guests! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fairies love fruits, veggies and other goodies from nature. Make a fruit kabob with grapes topped with your star-shaped fruit. Serve these tasty wands in a Tinker Bell container and let your guests grab one whenever they need a bite. Make Strawberry Roll-Ups by spreading a thick layer of strawberry cream cheese on a plain flour tortilla. Roll the tortilla tightly and cut into bit-sized pieces. Stick a toothpick through the snacks to keep them securely rolled up. Serve an enchanted elixir! Freeze cranberry and grape juice in ice cube trays before the party. Serve a colourless soda at the party, such as ginger ale or lemon twist. Let your guests select their ice cubes, which will "magically" change the colour of their drinks. For a Tinker Bell birthday cake, surround a round cake with cupcakes to create a flower. Ice the centre with yellow icing and the cupcakes with pink icing. Add a new, clean Tinker Bell toy to the centre of the cake.

Tinkerbell and Fairy friends

Sticker Party Packs

KIDS LOVE STICKERS!! JorSam’s D.I.Y.Tinkerbell and Fairy friends Licensed Sticker Money Box Pack is a great arts & crafts activity for children to do at parties, a fun gift for kids to keep and a useful party pack. The stickers sheets can be used to decorate your money box. Each money box is 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The plastic lids have money slot and are removable. You can choose from 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink.

Magical Fun

Flower Bookmarks: Preparation: Buy and press flowers before the party. Flowers such as pansies can be pressed between two sheets of paper in the pages of a heavy book.

At the Party: Let children glue flowers to wide strips of heavy poster board. Use a foam paintbrush to lightly coat the flowers with white glue (you may need to thin the glue with water). When dry, the bookmark can be laminated with self-laminating sheets. Punch a hole at the top and add lace or ribbon.

Fairy Colouring Page: Give each child a copy of a Printable Fairy colouring page and an assortment of decorations, such as markers, crayons, glitter glue, and stickers. After the children finish decorating their pages, have them write their names on their creations. Then, help the children hang their pages on the wall, or let them trade pages with their friends.

Tinker Bell Pinata: Fill a pinata full of treats and goodies that will make the birthday girl and her pixie friends smile. The child who pulls the string that makes the treats fall out will feel like she has real fairy magic!

Tinker Bell's take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey: This Tinker Bell Party Game includes different-coloured wand stickers and a lily pad eye mask. The little fairy princess who places her wand closest to Tink's hand wins a prize!

Decorating their own cupcakes: Provide iced cupcakes and an assortment of colourful Jelly tots, fondant flowers, and sprinkles to make flower patterns on top. Don't forget to have them show off their creative confections before they dig in!