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UnicornPonies & Unicorns Party Ideas!

Is your child in love with unicorns, ponies, fantasy, and fairytales? Give your child the most memorable party they could ever imagine with our Ponies and Unicorn Party Ideas! Read on for tips on invitations, decorations and party games.

Fantastical supplies

Decorate the party area with rainbows, clouds, hearts, butterflies, flowers and other colourful pictures. Use rainbow and white streamers and balloons to add instant colour to the tables, chairs and walls. Use clear twinkle lights to outline the front door. Use white craft paper as a table cover. Place crayons on the table to encourage the children to colour on the paper. Have fairy wings and a wand for each guest as they arrive. Fill the party area with huge tissue paper flowers.

Bake sugar cookies and use cookie cutters to cut them into the shapes of hearts, stars, horseshoes and, of course, ponies. Make a rainbow punch by filling each child's cup with lemon lime soda. Then, place a scoop of rainbow sherbet in each cup. Decorate iced cupcakes with Lucky Charms marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles. Prepare jam sandwiches and cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter. Chocolate dipped strawberries are a favourite fairy snack. Prepare Magic Wands from pretzel rods dipped in melted white chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, dip in pastel sprinkles.

Ponies & Unicorns

Invitations and Party Packs!

Take advantage of JorSam’s “inviting” deal! Purchase a minimum of 16 money boxes and receive free personalized invitations!!

JorSam’s Ponies and Unicorns Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is perfect for your royal party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Magical Games

Lucky Unicorn Shoes: What You'll Need: Several Horseshoes (1 for each child). Metallic Spray Paint (e.g. Gold, Silver, White, etc.). Metallic Paint Pens. Colourful Permanent Markers.

Preparation: Visit a local horse farm or riding stable to get used horseshoes. Clean the horseshoes, and then spray paint them with metallic spray paint. Let them dry thoroughly.

At the Party: Give the children metallic paint pens and/or colourful permanent markers to use to decorate the horseshoes and write on their names. Let the horseshoes dry during the party, and send them home with the children afterwards.

Wicked Queen Freeze Tag): Choose one player to be the "Wicked Queen" (i.e. "it"). The rest of the players are princesses and princes. When the Wicked Queen says, "Go!" the other players must run to avoid being tagged. If a player gets tagged, the player must stay frozen in the position he/she was in when touched. The player must remain frozen until he/she is touched by another prince or princess. The game ends when the Wicked Queen has frozen everyone, or when time runs out. (You may set a 3-5 minute time limit if you like.) The first person who was tagged becomes the Wicked Queen/King for the next game.

Magical Merry-go-round: You don't have to grab the ring to win a prize in this pony game--everyone who participates gets one. Before the party, package a party favour for each guest in a small decorative box or gift bag. When the party winds down, have the girls form a circle and turn on some music. Hand each person a package and ask the girls to pass them around and around the circle until the music stops. Then everyone gets to open the one they're holding and take home the
trinkets inside.

Horse, Horse, Pony: Have everybody sit on the floor in a circle with their wands for this equine spin off of duck, duck, goose. One girl plays the part of the Pony, trotting around the outside of the circle and using her wand to lightly tap her friends on the back, saying "horse, horse, horse ..." as she goes. When she taps someone and says "pony," that girl jumps up and trots behind her around the circle and back to the empty space. Then the first girl sits in the empty spot and the second girl becomes
the Pony.Ponies & Unicorns