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MermaidMermaid Party Ideas!

Whether your little one is a fan of Ariel the Little Mermaid or just has a fascination with those mystical beings that live in the sea, throw her a magical party! Read on to learn how to dazzle your mermaid loving kiddo and her friends with whimsical decor, delicious “seafood” and unforgettable activities.

Under-the-sea wonderland

Scatter seashells, sand dollars and plastic starfish and seahorses on the tables and windowsills around the party area. Cover the ceiling, walls and floor with transparent cellophane wrap to give the impression of being underwater. Tie groups of three or four balloons together and tie them to the backs of chairs. Anchor them with balloon weights and set them near doorways or in the corners of the party area. Scatter blue, non-helium balloons around the floor. Fill fish tanks or fish bowls with water and plastic sea creatures, such as fish, crabs, and starfish. Hang plastic fish from the ceiling using clear fishing line. Print out photos of mermaids and attach them along a broad strip of ribbon. Hang the ribbon along the edge of the food table or along the top of the entranceway.

A mermaid-themed party is a perfect opportunity to get fun and creative with your kiddo’s finger food. Cook seashell-shaped pasta and serve chilled with a little butter. Use cookie cutters to cut fish and seashell shapes out of peanut butter sandwiches, cheese slices, watermelon, and apple slices. Tint cream cheese with blue food coloring and spread on crackers or any kind of bread.


Invitations and Party Packs!

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JorSam’s Mermaids Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is perfect for your royal party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Splashing Games

Seashell Hunt: Preparation: Fill the sandbox or another large container with sand, and then bury all the seashells in it.

At the Party: Give each guest a bag or bucket to hold any seashells they find. Divide the guests into pairs, and let each pair dig in the sandbox for 10 seconds in search of shells. Once everyone has had a turn, allow guests to trade in their shells for prizes. Or, if they prefer, let them keep the shells.

Under the Sea Dance: Using The Little Mermaid soundtrack, of course, call out the names of sea creatures and they will need to use their dramatic play skills to 'dance' like the creature.

Feed the Fish: Draw a large fish on a piece of art board. Cut out the mouth area and try to throw bean bags into it. Give each child three bean bags to throw.

Fish Drop: You’ll need three clothes pins and a target, such as a coffee can. Pretend that the clothespins are fish (you can even draw a fish on them beforehand). If playing with older children, leave the plastic lid on the coffee can and cut a hole in it to make it harder.

Pin the Flower on the Mermaid: Draw a picture of mermaid on a large sheet of poster board and hang it up. Cut flowers out of construction paper to be “pinned” in her hair, and use double-stick tape on the back. Blindfold each kid when it is their turn, spin them around three times, and then point them in the right direction. Another variation: Pin the treasure coins in the chest.