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  • D.I.Y. Chalkboard Money Box Pack
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  • D.I.Y. Licensed Sticker Money Box Pack
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Barbie Party Ideas!

Come on Barbie, let's go party! Throw your Barbie girl and her friends a dream Barbie birthday party that will have everyone tickled pink. Read on for our suggestions on Barbie party invitations, decorations, favors, games, and more.! 

The Fashion Room! 

Make sure to decorate in Barbie's favorite colors-pink and lavender. Use plenty of balloons and streamers in these colors to fit your Barbie party theme! Make a Barbie logo sign out of pink poster paper. Tie pink ribbons around vases and around other items in the room. Place Barbie dolls, furniture, cars, and other accessories around the party area. Hang Barbie posters on the wall. Sprinkle sequins on the table and add pink candles. Cut flowers out of bright pink construction paper or poster board and hang on the walls. Brighten up the table with a Barbie centerpiece.

Sticker Party Packs

JorSam’s D.I.Y. Barbie Licensed Sticker Money Box Pack from JorSam is an arts and crafts activity for children to do at parties, a fun gift for kids to keep and a useful party pack. The stickers sheets can be used to decorate your money box. Each money box is 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The plastic lids have money slot and are removable. You can choose from 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink.

Let the Fashion Show begin!

Barbie Fashion Show: Use red felt to create a 'runway" in your house.
Set up a makeover station with plenty of hair accessories, makeup, jewelry, and dress-up clothes. Then set up a Barbie dress station with Barbie clothes and accessories. Have an adult help the girls do their makeup and hair, and allow each girl to get dressed up. In the invitation, you may want to tell the girls to bring their favorite outfits to wear at the show. At the Barbie station, each girl can dress up her Barbie and fix her hair.
When everyone is ready, turn on the music and have a fashion show! Have each girl walk down the runway with her Barbie and encourage each girl to stop and do poses. Make sure to take plenty of photos and include them in your thank you notes.

Fashion Barbie Colouring: Give each child a barbie colouring in page and an assortment of decorations, such as markers, crayons, glitter glue, and stickers. This is a great idea to calm down after a big fashion show! Dont forget to tell then to name their creations!

Accessories Hunt: Before the party hide Barbie accessories, like clothes, phones, cars, etc., around the party area. Also hide objects that relate to Barbie, such as high-heeled shoes. Then Tell your guests that Barbie has lost some of her things and they have to find as many of her belongings, or items that they think relate to Barbie, hidden around the house. See what they bring back that you hid - and didn't! Whomever finds the most objects wins!

Hot Barbie Potato: Have the children sit in a circle, almost shoulder to shoulder. Turn on fun music and hand a Barbie to someone in the circle. As the music plays, the children must pass the Barbie as fast as possible. Randomly stop the music. Whoever has the Barbie when the music stops must sit outside of the circle. Keep playing until only one player is left.

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