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Disney Cars Party Ideas!

Race toward Lightning McQueen and the rest of the gang from Disney Cars for your child's next party! If your child wants racing excitement, then a Disney Cars birthday is right up their race track. Go the extra mile by getting creative with your Cars invitations, decorations, food, favors and games. Here are our suggestions to get your child's Disney Cars party on the right track.!

You're Invited! 

Let the race to your child's birthday begin with creative Disney Cars invitations. If you have time, consider one of the following suggestions:

Fold a piece of red construction paper in half and cut out a car shape. Write "Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! [Child's name] is turning [child's age]!" Cut out circles from black construction paper for the wheels. Attach the wheels to the card with brass fasteners so they spin. Then, add all of the party details inside. Place each invitation in a card envelope or a small manila envelope and seal the envelopes with Disney Cars stickers.

Include a Disney Cars character or a small racing flag with your invitation to hand-deliver to your guests.

Sticker Party Packs

JorSam’s D.I.Y. Cars Licensed Sticker Money Box Pack from JorSam is an arts and crafts activity for children to do at parties, a fun gift for kids to keep and a useful party pack. The stickers sheets can be used to decorate your money box. Each money box is 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The plastic lids have money slot and are removable. You can choose from 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink.

Radiator Springs

Decorate the room with a Disney Cars race theme. There are Disney Cars plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers and centerpieces available online or in stores to decorate your table. Attach two checkered racing flags to your mailbox or crisscross them on your front door. Make a centerpiece out of Disney Cars characters and a toy racetrack. Use chalk to draw a "Track" on the driveway and/or sidewalk leading up to your door. Make a few Cars inspired signs like "No Tractor Tipping," "Radiator Springs" and "Casa Della Tires" and hang them throughout the party area. As guests arrive, hand each their "Driver's License" using our laminated Cars Bag Tags. Guests can take them home as their party favor! Create a large car from an empty appliance box. Use a knife to cut out a few windows. Paint the box red to resemble a race car. Cut out four circles from a sheet of cardboard, spray paint them black and glue to the sides of the box to create wheels. If desired, you can turn this into a party activity by handing out washable markers and having your guests decorate the box during the party. This will also be a great place to take party pictures! Use white and yellow lawn paint to draw a racetrack on the grass in your yard for outdoor games. Include a Start and Finish line, complete with checkered flags! 

Race into action!

Entrance Activities: It's always a good idea to provide a simple activity at the beginning of your party. This helps to break the ice and entertains the children while they wait for all of the guests to arrive.

Color-a-Card: Before the party, cut a race car shape from a large piece of poster board. Provide glue, scissors, magazines car pictures, crayons or markers on the floor or table. When children arrive direct them to help make the birthday child a card. Your child can save it for a poster and you can save it for a memory.

Face Painting: Detail your party guests with face painted flames, cars, racing stripes or numbers.

Piston Cup Championship: Have your own Piston Cup Championship with wind-up cars.Before the party, mark a start and finish line with tape. Use a permanent marker to write each child's name on a wind-up car. Use a flag or cloth to start your race. Winners get a piece of candy, blue ribbons or a plastic trophy.

Guido's Pit Row Race: Can you change a tire as fast as Guido? To play this game divide the children into two or three teams. Give each team a car tire. Mark Start and Finish lines for each team and place a few cones in each team's path. The children will need to roll the tire from start to finish around the cones, back to their team and pass the tire to the next player.The next player takes his/her turn and so on until all players have had a turn. The fastest team wins!

Luigi's Tire Bean Bag Toss: Place an old tire laying flat on the ground. Mark and "X" a reasonable distance from the tire. Provide a few bean bags for the children to take turns tossing the bean bags into the center of the tire.

Ramone's House of Body Art: The kids can make their own cars to take home as favors! Purchase wooden cars, kid-safe paint, and paint brushes, or use with spray painted shoeboxes. Be sure to provide large shirt smocks and a protected space for painting. A large tarp on the ground will do just fine. Also provide wet-wipes for messy hands. Encourage the children to decorate their cars with racing stripes, numbers, etc.