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Dinosaur Party Ideas!

As a new generation of dinosaurs stomps across the big screen this summer, the perennial fascination kids have with these oversize reptiles is bound to reach even greater heights. Our dinosaur party makes prehistory come alive with towering brachiosaurus hats, helium balloons, etc.

A Time Long Ago

A balloon bouquet of smiling dinosaur faces tied to a mailbox, fence post or any other stationary object that's heavy enough to keep it from flying away makes a fun greeting for kids arriving at this party. Later, you can let each guest take one home. Inflate a bunch of quality large round latex balloons or, even better, purchase helium-filled balloons at a party store. When it comes to dinosaur decorations, think big: giant chalk dinosaur prints that lead up the driveway to the front door. For an extra-special effect, serve the party cupcakes with an ice-cream "mountain." Just invert a slightly thawed cylindrical container and peel away the carton, then pour on strawberry sauce "lava." You can even set a small tea candle at the top for the birthday kids to blow out. Use toy dinosaurs to decorate the party area. Group them together on tables, and place some dinosaurs around the cake plate. Decorate with big rocks and ferns. You can use wide green crepe paper to cut out fern leaves if you don't have access to live ones. Stuff brown paper grocery bags with newspaper to create "rocks" and place three or four together in the corners of the party area.


Invitations and Party Packs!

Take advantage of JorSam’s “inviting” deal! Purchase a minimum of 16 money boxes and receive free personalized invitations!!

JorSam’s Dinosaur Money Boxes are a party pack, a gift, an activity, a savings plan, a hold all and whatever else creative kids can dream up as a use for them! This is perfect for your royal party theme! They are 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. The removable plastic lids (with a slot in each lid) are available in 5 different colours - red, blue, yellow, green and pink!

Dino Games

Cave Painting: Create a cave out of refrigerator or furniture boxes! Just open up the boxes and stand them up so that you are actually making a closed space. In the cave, place all sorts of markers, crayons and other art supplies so that when the kids come they can decorate the cave.

Hot Dinosaur Egg (similar to hot potato): All the kids stand in a circle. One kid is handed either a water balloon or a real egg. The music starts and the balloon/egg (a.k.a. dinosaur egg) is passed to the next kid. No one wants to be left with the dinosaur egg, because then they'll be extinct. Continue playing until there is only one child left.

Dino Egg Hunt: Use big plastic Easter eggs. Fill them with dinosaur toys, candies, etc. Hide the eggs in the yard or in a room and have the kids hunt for them. Once each kid finds an egg, you can give them dinosaur stickers, paint or glitter and tell them to decorate their eggs.

Dino Egg on a Spoon: You'll need dessert spoons, hard boiled eggs, silly putty eggs, plastic Easter eggs with a little present inside to weigh it down (possibly with a little dino) or any other form of "egg". The goal here is to run from a starting point to a finishing line with an egg on a spoon. If the egg is dropped, the kid has to start again. You can work this as either a competition between teams, an individual timed race on an obstacle course, or just see who can make it the farthest without dropping their egg. This is one of those dinosaur games that has lots of laughs in store for everyone.

Hatching Dino Eggs: In this dinosaur game, place a tiny dino inside of a balloon before inflating. Then place the box of balloons at the end of a finish line. Two teams line-up at the starting line. The two teams have to race to the box, get a balloon out of the box and sit on the balloon (or stomp on it) until it pops. Then, grab the dino and run back to the next member on the team that is waiting at the starting line. Each player gets to keep the dino hatchling as a prize, and something extra can be given to the team who wins the overall race. If there are too many players - instead of a prize, the winners can go first on the next game or get the first piece of cake after the birthday child, etc...