Money Box Party Packs


As any mom (or dad!) will agree organising parties can end up costing a fortune - what with hiring a venue and all the party eats, entertainers, cakes, decorations, etc, etc, etc. The last thing any mom wants to do is spend an exorbitant amount of money on party packs (most of which get thrown away before the "little party guest" even gets to the car!

JorSam Money Box Party Packs are the ANSWER!

Money Box Party Packs are affordable party packs which are also a gift to take home. The money box is used in place of the normal plastic bags/brown packets and can be filled with little toys or treats - it is completely up to you what you would like to put in. Many moms even give an empty money box with a piece of birthday cake at the end of the party.

Choose from 21 different pre-printed Set Designs or if any of the designs don't catch your fancy order Blank Money Boxes and bring out the artist in yourself and design your own drawing.

Also available are D.I.Y. Chalkboard Money Box PackD.I.Y. Scratch-Art Money Box PackD.I.Y. Colouring-In Money Box Packs and D.I.Y Licensed Sticker Money Box Packs. These D.I.Y. Packs are so simple and fun to do as activities at parties that there is no need to hire entertainers to entertain the children AND they also double up as Party Packs. Once the children are finished decorating them, they can be filled with goodies and returned to the children at the end of the party to take home as a gift!

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